We produce powerful digital work that delivers online marketing success.

SOLITECH A full-service post-modern digital agency, built to bring the best experiences in the today’s digital market.

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Our Story


Combining impressive industry experience with an in-depth knowledge,We can help you any stage along the product journey, from concept to shelf.


Nothing is subcontracted – we do all the work ourselves, so we’re totally certain it’s of the highest standard.


Because of our strong focus on results, we’re increasingly employed on business turnaround projects..

We are a creative agency in Kenya that blends thought leadership with open culture and a collaborative approach. We are personal, creative and effective.

We are proud to work for a wide range of clients from small local businesses to multinationals, and always strive to deliver on-brief and on-budget, well-crafted design solutions. We focus on results and every client we work with gets a personalized experience and we value our ongoing education and development. Being ahead of the curve in our industry is important to us, so we work to keep ourselves fresh on all of the latest best practices so you don’t have to.

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