Leave the project With Us

WE Listen to you.

Inform Us

Call us to inform Us of about the project you wish to actualize. You may call us on 0717 699 850 or 0702 976 492 and we will come to collect the requirements at your door. We are here to help your business grow and the best way we can do this is understanding the problem you want us to solve for you.

Preliminary Design

After making a preliminary design and prototype of your project, we love to make a project presentation of work done so that you can make an evaluation of the work done and give your input on the course of action you would like us to follow and changes you want us to make on the project.

Delivery and Installation

After completion of the project, SOLITECH assists clients in succesfull deployment of their new products in the market. We ensure that the proct is uploaded on the platforms for deployment and it is working to satisfy the needs of the users.

Happy Client

You enjoy the service as we collaborate on how to make the product even better! SOLITECH offers three months support after deploying the project. This is to serve the purpose of ensuring the products kickstarts very well in the market and new users adapt to it succesfully.